Woodworth City Council Minutes for August 2021 The meeting was called to order on August 9th with all members present.

Woodworth City Council Minutes for August 2021
The meeting was called to order on August 9th with all members
present. Also present was Brenda Wolf. The minutes and treasurer's
reports were given and motioned for approval by Mayor Wick.
Brenda Wolf submitted a written request for a copy of all the
ordinances. At present, the council only has the one copy and more
will have to be printed. She also questioned to council if a business
license would be required for a new business in town. And she
complained about air in her water lines. She also questioned how far
back from the street a building could be erected. Since the street in
front of her house is a county road, she should contact the county.
Old Business: the county does not have the chemical on hand to spray
the leafy spurge at the dump ground, when it comes in they will take
care of it. The new culverts are a maybe to be installed next week.
The fridge, grill, hot water heater, plumbing and a propane tank for
the concession stand have all been purchased, also this past month the
council approved spray foaming the inside of the concession stand.
This is all done in anticipation for the all school reunion next year
and home softball games. Darren reported he has not talked to anyone
from Guthmiller Earthmoving about cleaning the lagoon. He will take
care of it so we are at least put on the list.
Oscar Hust has completed the paperwork for closing the alley by his
place. There were four certified letters sent for delinquent water
bills. A motion was made by Sharon Snyder and seconded by Darren
Martin that the $7 charge for certified mail be charged back to the
four customers. The motion carried.
New Business: There was only one bid on the old mower and the council
decided to reject it. Sharon Snyder reported that John Deere in
Carrington will let the city trade that mower and the John Deere mower
off for a new one. This was made into a motion by Rebecca Kuruc and
seconded by John Buskness. The motion carried.
Woodworth Gaming gave the city an additional $2000 for city projects.
Rebecca Kuruc made a motion to publish the title pages and penalties
for the last of the ordinances. Sharon Snyder seconded and the motion
There has been complaints from a city resident that a neighbor is
letting her dogs run and he often finds them in his yard. Ordinance
#11.0207 and 11.0212 cover this infraction and does include penalties.
A letter will be sent to the dog owner. This was made into a motion
by Sharon Snyder and seconded by John Buskness. Motion carried.
There is a leaking fire hydrant at the elevator. Bills were read and
motioned to be paid by Darren Martin and seconded by John Buskness,
the motion passed and Candyce adjourned the meeting.
Linda Clark
(Aug. 25, 2021)2900766