I chose Dola as a Beautiful Woman because she is beautiful and there are so many things in her life I want to learn and know. She has done so many amazing things in my life.

My Story ...

Dola Sitare was born in Kinsha, Congo. She has been an amazing mother. She brought us to America. She has been taking care of us, and she is a good citizen. My mom is 36 years old. She was born September 14, 1974.

My mom has been taking care of us. She makes sure that we have good clothes, good food, and making sure we have a good education. But my mom said that she can't take care of us, because she needs my dad so he can help her take care of us. My dad moved here on March 30, 2011. Now it's easier for her.

When my mom was doing work, she worked very hard. She worked day and night, and sometimes she always said that when she is not working we can go and buy food and clothes and some things. She is a hard worker. She makes sure we have a lot of money.

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My mom helped us to learn English before we came to America. We learned English by watching TV. She always gave us lessons and made sure that we got English right. We learned a little bit in the Congo, and then my mom said if we go to America, we will speak English. I was excited!

I chose my mom for this because she is beautiful and she has done great things in my life. I want to thank her for what she has done in my life. She took care of us very well. I thank her very much.

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Marketplace for Kids and Beautiful Women of North Dakota teamed up for this language arts initiative. Students from multiple classrooms and schools throughout North Dakota participated. Through the program, they learned about what truly makes a person beautiful, and they learned what it takes to tell that person's story.

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