GRAND FORKS — The city of Grand Forks is still coming to terms with the loss of officer Cody Holte, and some are making sure the sacrifice he made is never forgotten.

When Terry Goulet saw the funeral procession for officer Holte coming through town, he picked up his daughter and son, Tyler, and they went to pay their respects.

"At the end of it I asked Tyler, 'So, what do you think?' And he said, 'It made his stomach hurt'," Terry said.

As Tyler came to grips with the situation, he felt it was only right to do something, so he leaned on what he knows best: Hockey.

"I wanted to do it for him, hoping maybe his family would see just to show how much our community cares about him," Tyler said.

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Days later, in his own yard Tyler made 639 shots on goal. The same as officer Holte's badge number.

Tyler plays goaltender, and used his goalie stick, which made the task more challenging.

Word of Tyler's tribute spread quickly. Just before he started his two-and-a-half hour tribute, Officer Jay Farmer and Sheriff Andrew Schneider showed up to watch.

"I thought I did something wrong because they came up to the house. Then I remembered, 'Oh yeah I’m doing that today,'" Tyler said.

Terry said he couldn’t be prouder of his son’s commitment.

"I said, 'Hey, great job! You committed to something, you followed through on it, and you should feel good about it,' I mean it made me feel good too," Terry said.

Even though Tyler got plenty of blisters and the task began to wear him down, Tyler kept shooting.

"I just didn’t want to give up," Tyler said. "I made this commitment to do this for him."

Tyler's goals are yet another way the city has shown the Holte family that in Grand Forks, they’re all family.