FARGO — As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, the whirring sounds of bikes going down sidewalks and streets are becoming more familiar to the ear.

Jason Haak of Fargo and his wife are two people who couldn't wait to get riding again.

"We take the bike paths, and go across the river into Moorhead, (and) do all the parks: Island, Lindenwood and all that," he said.

Even though he hasn't felt any threats himself, Haak said he's prepared in case of potential bike thieves.

"We got, obviously, the padlock, and we use bike racks," he said. "Sometimes there isn't a bike rack and we just want to do a quick stop."

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According to the Department of Justice, the peak months for bike thefts are all in the summer: June, July and August.

Fargo officers have taken at least 31 bike theft reports, West Fargo has taken only two and Moorhead has seen 25 reports come through, all in the last month.

Sergeant Chris Martin with the Moorhead Police Department said if you can't lock your bike anywhere while riding it, the best thing you can do is keep it near you.

"Bring the bike with you right into the park, so that you can see your bike when you're having your picnic, or frolfing near (the park) or playing soccer," he said.

He also said the best place to lock your bike is in a bike rack, but some riders have taken a different approach when it comes to keeping their bikes safe.

"Probably like a signpost," Haak said when asked about an unusual place he's chained his bike to. "Not that weird, but yeah, that's probably the weirdest thing."

These are just a few of many tips to keep in mind while pedaling around during a hot weekend, and to keep your bicycle away from prying eyes.