The 93 year old mystery mitten maker

MOORHEAD, Minn.-- Over 100 shares, 60 comments, and 1,000 likes are proof that the season of giving is a popular one.

Churches United posted on Facebook about a donation of 30 pairs of handmade mittens.

"For those thirty who get them it's such a huge life changing gift," said Churches United's, Babs Coler.

While the donation is great, it's a mystery around the donor that really sparks interest.

"She had so much energy and so much spunk, she was just delightful," said Coler.

Not only does whoever made the mittens seem to be a quality person, but she must also be a quality seamstress too because these things are made out of nice army blankets and lined with a quality fleece.

Coler took in the donation. She was amazed when all that spunk and energy came from a 93-year-old with an affinity for making mittens.

"I said you made these mittens? She goes, yeah I'm 93 years old and I'm still making mittens, I had to take last year off I had a bout of cancer last summer. I went, are you okay now? She goes, oh yes I'm so grateful for this. I said let me get your name and get you a receipt. She goes no, no I don't need that," said Coler.

The seamstress did ask for one thing in return. A prayer for her, so that she might continue making mittens.

"Not because she wants to be out of pain, not for herself it's so she can keep giving back. It says a lot about her," said Coler.

We're currently looking for our mystery mitten maker. We noticed on the Facebook post, one comment coming from her daughter. We haven't had any luck yet though, but while we continue the search maybe take some time to send a prayer her way. So next year we get more mittens and maybe we can finally solve the mystery.

In just three days 25 of the 30 pairs of mittens have been given out to those in need.