WATCH: Dakota Medical Foundation beginning preparations for Giving Hearts Day

Dakota Medical Foundation had this as one of their promotions for Giving Hearts Day on Thursday, Feb. 14. WDAY photo

FARGO — Dakota Medical Foundation says Giving Hearts Day has become such a tradition for the organization it's now referred to as the "Super Bowl of giving."

Now in it's 12th year, the foundation is going all out for this year's marathon of giving. Its office space is being decked out with a 16-foot video board, light structures, a full stage, and cameras to stream the event.

"This is the most exciting day of the year for us," said foundation executive director Pat Traynor. "What we've seen is it really brings out the best our community has to offer."

Traynor says the planning and preparation process takes a while to complete.

"We have over 90 charities that are getting ready for this day," he said. "It takes so many people to get ready for this — luckily I'm surrounded by a fantastic staff."

To find out more about donating on Giving Hearts Day, go to