Another example of 'The Fargo Connection'

In today's "Neighbors" column, a reader explains how people who once lived in Fargo seem to manage to reconnect years later in other locations.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

He calls it “The Fargo Connection.” It’s the way people who once lived in Fargo manage to reconnect years later but now live elsewhere.

This is Don Homuth talking, via email, to Neighbors. He lives in Salem, Ore. But yes, he used to live in Fargo.

He writes about two Fargo friends of his in the late 1950s and early 1960s: Peter Jensen and Pete d’Errico.

“Peter Jensen and I were good friends of the same age,” Don writes. “We were both deeply involved in music in Fargo.

“Pete d’Errico was a year ahead of me, but we were reasonably well acquainted. He and Eric Jensen (Peter Jensen’s brother) did some interesting things — like filing a formal claim to ownership of part of the moon. I thought it was pretty cool to do that. The Forum carried a story about it.


“In the fullness of time, we all separated to go off to college and we sort of lost track of each other.

“I’ve sort of stayed in touch with PJ, but he’s pretty busy in the film industry. He lives in California.

“Now let’s fast forward to the past several weeks.

“I had taken Amtrak from the Left Coast to Fargo in early October, the week of that early snowstorm,” Don writes. “In the process, I took some photos of ‘junkyards’ of abandoned cars along the rails. It was featured on the Hemmings car blog a few weeks back.

“A friend of Pete d’Errico’s forwarded a link to that story to Pete because he knew Pete was interested in trains. He responded online. I saw his name on the response and dropped him an email inquiring whether he was the same d’Errico I knew back in Fargo.

“Turns out he was!

“He had gone on to Yale Law School and is now apparently retired living in Massachusetts.

“What are the chances of reconnecting like that? Another way that the whole Fargo Connection keeps coming back.


“At a personal level,” Don says, “I find this reconnecting to be quite satisfying. It usually happens unbidden and unsought.”

But it’s always a neat happening, right, neighbors?

Better hearing

On another matter, the writer of this column once wrote about getting hearing aids. That brought a letter from Janice Dares, McVille, N.D.

“When I lived in Minneapolis, I went to the doc to see about a hearing aid,” Janice wrote.

“He thought I should see this other doc about having a wire implant.

“To make a long story short, I went to him, had a hearing test, then had the surgery.

“This was 25 years ago.

“All I can remember was that the hospital was in Fridley, Minn.


“When we moved here (to McVille), all my medical papers got left, so I can’t tell you what the doc’s name was.

“No doc here has heard of the wire, but believe me, it works wonderful.”

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