Bert Kreischer's fans answer his call after comic gets stuck in Bismarck snowstorm

Comedian had to cancel shows in Bismarck and Fargo, but partied with fans instead.

Bert Kreischer George Pehl.jpg
George Pehl of Guthmiller and Son Dirt Works, right, helped dig comedian Bert Kreischer's tour bus out of the snow Thursday, Nov. 10 in Bismarck.
Contributed / George Pehl
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BISMARCK — Bert Kreischer didn’t get quite the North Dakota experience he was expecting on Thursday, Nov. 10, but fans in Bismarck still gave him a warm welcome he’ll never forget.

The comedian arrived in North Dakota’s capital only to have his tour bus get stuck in the snow during Thursday’s storm. Kreischer was supposed to play the Bismarck Event Center that night, but due to the weather the show was postponed until March 22.

On Friday morning the comic announced that his show at Fargo’s Scheels Arena was postponed until Feb. 28. Previously purchased tickets for both shows will be honored.

After getting stuck on Thursday, Kreischer took to Instagram to ask for help.

“Hey Bismarck, if you’ve got a snow plow, I know you’re probably using it right now, we could use some help,” Kreischer said in a video, posted outside the stranded bus. “Or just come on over and bring some schnapps, it’s pretty (expletive) cold out.”


Locals responded with both.

In a later video on Instagram Kreischer excitedly watches as a payloader cleared a path.

“You ask man and this is what our country’s about!” he said. “North Dakota shows the (expletive) up!”

George Pehl of Guthmiller and Son Dirt Works was finishing removing snow at the state Capitol when a friend called to tell him Kreischer was stuck nearby. Pehl made it over, cleared a path and pulled the bus out of the snow.

Pehl got out of his loader and was taking a selfie by the bus when Kreischer walked up and the two took a picture together.

“I wish I would have had more time to visit, but I had to get back to snow removal,” Pehl said on Friday morning from the cab of his payloader, still moving snow.

He wasn’t the only one who answered Kreischer’s call. The comic posted another video of the loader at work and fans hanging out.

Bert Kreischer and fans.JPG
Bert Kreischer and his fans have a drink after his bus got stuck in the snow in Bismarck on Thursday, Nov. 10.
Contributed / Bert Kreischer

“Everyone showed up to get us out of the snow,” Kreischer said. “Someone get a case of Busch Lite and let’s start drinking.”


One fan showed up with a Fireball Whisky Party Bucket while someone else handed the comic a Pabst Blue Ribbon pounder.

“We should just do this show out here in the snow,” Kreischer said in a video.

“Cheers to North Dakota,” Kreischer said in another clip, accentuating the state’s name in a stab at a local accent. He then took a swig from a bottle of Swede Hill Apple Pie Moonshine and passed it among the crowd, adding, “I just got tested. I’m clean.”

In a later video, Kreischer watched from a hotel room as people helped pull each other out of the snow.

“This is my Joe Rogan thought of the day. When you live in a place where Mother Nature is in control, people are nicer,” he said. “Look at them. They’re helping each other out. I hate to say this out loud, but I don't think you'd see this in L.A. You’d see people looting each other’s houses and be like, ‘Oh man, free car, that’s my car.’”

Around noon on Friday, Kreischer's camp called Guthmiller & Sons Dirt Work for another tow.

"So, apparently we're frozen to the ground now," he said in another Instagram video. "When do the liquor stores open now?"

He ended the thread with a shoutout to Dan’s Supermarket, where he visited three times in his extended stay.


“I want to thank the kind people of Dan’s," he said as he walked through the store. "They’ve been so kind to us. We’ve been here now three times and everyone has been nice and they’ve put us in the right direction. We’ve eaten only Dan’s and it’s been phenomenal. So the people of North Dakota, come and support your local Dan’s. They’re good people.”

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