Cote: What I found out about a new gym in Fargo that is literally designed to be non-judgmental

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Kay Cote - The Wow Factor
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FARGO - Joining a gym can be the most rewarding and terrifying experience at the same time. I'm here to share that it doesn't have to be this way. Join me in this four-part podcast episode featuring Fly Fitness Founder, Jenni Bruning Brown.


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Kay Cote at Fly Fitness Studio in Downtown Fargo

Part 1: Jenni Bruning Brown - Founder

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Jenni Bruning Brown

Listen to Jenni Bruning Brown's full interview on The Wow Factor (1:55 - 11:05)

"The message of the brand is written on the walls of each studio for members to read and feel welcomed and encouraged every time they set foot in the doors. The people who thrive in this kind of environment know they can find it at Fly." - Jenni Bruning Brown

Part 2: Michelle Cody - Studio Director


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Michelle Cody, studio director of Fly Fitness in Fargo

Listen to Michelle Cody's full interview on The Wow Factor (11:38 - 19:58)

"Every single person who walks through the door at Fly we want to be seen, celebrated and supported. We want to know each member's name and story and want to be a cheerleader along side them through their fitness journey." - Michelle Cody

Part 3: Kristen Hayes - Instructor

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Cycling class at Fly Fitness Studio

Listen to Kristen Hayes's full interview on The Wow Factor (20:30 - 29:38)

"We've all been in that space where we get that feeling of not being good enough and feel insecure, especially when walking into a new fitness space. We're all coming in with these fears and anxieties from past relationships with fitness." - Kristen Hayes


Part 4: Jenn Songstad - Member

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Fly Fitness member Jenn Songstad

Listen to Jenn Songstad's full interview on The Wow Factor (30:05 - 38:30)

"Fly Fitness has increased my physical health, but also it's an escape from all of the anxiety and darkness we are faced with in the world right now. It's a space where you can let go and have fun." - Jenn Songstad

Click here for more information on joining Fly Fitness in Fargo

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The Wow Factor podcast

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