Famous Fargo: 'Tankhouse' movie locations go beyond the former Schumacher Goodyear building

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FARGO — After months of writing (and re-writing), hours of tweaking and editing and a few scouting trips from sunny California to the humid oasis that is North Dakota in the summer, filming has finally begun on "Tankhouse."

Throughout the week, the cast and crew of the new film has been filming scenes at the newly-transformed Broadway Garage in downtown Fargo. But where exactly will the rest of the movie be set in our bustling city? Some of the locations may surprise you.

1. Broadway Garage

The former Schumacher Goodyear store garage will be used as a location in the film Tankhouse. David Samson / The Forum


The corner of 401-403 Broadway has been the home to a variety of businesses since it was established in the early 1900s.

In 1909, a new, four-story brick building was constructed for the exclusive use of the Fargo Mercantile Co., a wholesale grocer that found the direct access to the Great Northern Railroad tracks helped boost its distribution business. The building was used as a grocer until the early 1960s and sat empty for six years until it was demolished. The current building was constructed in 1967.

In 2016, after sitting empty for a number of years, the site came alive with the help of local organizations. Since then it has been used for a number of events — most notably the Red River Market, Creatively Uncorked, the Fargo Food Truck park and various pop-up events.

The Broadway Garage will be home to the Tankhouse Theatre during the filming of "Tankhouse."

2. Fargo Theatre

The Fargo Theatre will be used as a location in the film Tankhouse. David Samson / The Forum

Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Fargo, the Fargo Theatre was built in 1926 as a cinema and vaudeville theater. It was restored in 1999 to its historic appearance and is now a center for the arts in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

A second auditorium was opened in 2009 and the theater is now home to a myriad of arts and entertainment events — ranging from concerts and live events to independent and foreign films.


The Fargo Theatre will be used as a performance hall in "Tankhouse."

3. Sons of Norway

The Sons of Norway will be used as a location in the film Tankhouse. David Samson / The Forum

With a mission to preserve Norwegian heritage and culture in the metro, the Sons of Norway Kringen Lodge No. 25 is an essential part of Fargo's history.

Established in 1975, the "Kringen Klub" took in just over 1,400 new members. The Sons of Norway features a lunch every weekday, adding some Norwegian flair to the community. In the evenings, the ornately-Norwegian-decorated Troll Lounge features live music. In addition to music, cultural activities such as dancing, rosemaling, language and more keeps a little bit of Norway in Fargo.

The Sons of Norway serves as the local hangout in "Tankhouse."

4. The Stone Building


The former Avalon building on 1st Avenue North will be used as a location in the film Tankhouse. David Samson / The Forum

Named for Charles R. Stone, the Stone Building served as the third home for the Stone Piano Co. beginning in 1908. Throughout its over 100 years in existence, this building has always been home to music.

After Stone died in 1935, his son took over — joined by A.J. Daveau, who purchased the building and operated music companies out of it until the 1970s. In 2000, the building was renovated and opened as the Avalon Events Center. The Kilbourne Group purchased the building in 2016.

The Stone Building will be the competition hall in "Tankhouse."

5. The Forum

The Forum Building will be used as a location in the film Tankhouse. Emma Vatnsdal / The Forum

Constructed in 1926 at the corner of Fifth Street and First Avenue North in Fargo, the Forum building is an art-deco style building composed of steel and concrete built by the Meineke-Johnson Company.

Parts of the building has been leased out over the years, but the building currently is home to Forum Communications — a multimedia news company with locations across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Forum building transforms into the police station in "Tankhouse."

6. The Forum Alley

The downtown graffiti alley will be used as a location in the film Tankhouse. David Samson / The Forum

A central theme to "Tankhouse" is the thriving arts scene in Fargo — a scene that is not the work of Hollywood.

One of the ways locals show off their art skills is painted on the walls. In 2015, the alley behind The Forum building was designated as a legal street art wall. Community members are invited to show off their artistic side in the ever-changing public wall of art.

Likened to the gang fights in West Side Story, the graffiti alley will set the scene for a confrontation of its own in "Tankhouse."

Other locations

While this list gives a fairly good idea of the locations you'll see in "Tankhouse," it's not the entire list. Other locations in the movie include the new location of the Red River Market — the parking lot of The Forum building at 63 Fifth St. N. — which will give viewers a peek into the thriving community of artisans and growers.

The film will also feature a farm south of Fargo and a downtown vintage store (which will bring viewers to New York City).

Emma Vatnsdal is a digital producer for InForum and other Forum Communications-owned properties. She earned her degree in multimedia journalism from Minnesota State University Moorhead and joined the Forum Communications team as a features reporter in May 2018.
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