Legacy of the Happy Hooligans on display in new book

"Images of Aviation, North Dakota Air National Guard" outlines the history of North Dakota's 178th fighter squadron.

A retired Happy Hooligan reads excerpts from "Images of Aviation, North Dakota Air National Guard."
Sam Goetzinger / WDAY News

FARGO — The legacy of the Happy Hooligans, North Dakota's 178th Fighter Squadron, is now in writing. On Tuesday, April 11, at the Fargo Air Museum local authors David Lipp and Max Sabin spoke about their book, "Images of Aviation, North Dakota Air National Guard."

The book details the history of the internationally famous Happy Hooligans from World War II to 2007.

"The legacy is what we are trying to preserve and having so many retired guys come out and talk about their experiences working with the jets that we have on display and telling the stories about what made the Happy Hooligans, the Hooligans," said Sabin.

More than 130 historical images fill the book to share the stories of the Hooligans.

"One of the stories that really affects me here at the air museum is the story of one of our fighter jets on display, where I believe it was December of 1986. A very young first lieutenant flew a heart transplant from Sanford Hospital down to California to a young recipient that ultimately received the heart and survived," Sabin said.


The Fargo Air Museum has copies for sale and it is available online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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