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Missing the Fargo Film Fest? Check out these past favorites online

"Sita Sings the Blues." Special to The Forum

FARGO — The 20th annual Fargo Film Festival may be canceled — organizers are hoping to put together a showing of selections this summer — but you can still keep the fest with you in the comfort of your home.

A number of standout titles from previous years are now available through online streaming services. It’s not the same as seeing a film on the big screen, or checking out the film festival that should've been happening this week at the Fargo Theatre, but at least you can put your feet up at home.

So fire up some popcorn, dig out your Fargo Film Fest scarf and hat and click on a flick.


A scene from the documentary "Bathtubs over Broadway." Special to The Forum


“Bathtubs Over Broadway”: The darling of last year’s festivities, this charming documentary follows a former comedy writer for David Letterman on his quest to collect and document industrial promotional musical albums

“Behind the Curve”: Another 2019 pick, learn more about the flat-Earthers, those who insist our world is not round.


“Fresh Guacamole”: Pes’ stop-animation short turns a lesson on cutting an avocado into a surreal take on snacking. The 2-minute flick wasn’t just picked for this year’s festival, it was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

“The Butterfly Circus”: The Best Picture in 2011 showed fans not only what Doug Jones (“Pan’s Labyrinth,” “HellBoy”) looks like under the make up, it also brought him to the festival.

“The Silence Beneath the Bark”: Another memorable 2011 selection, Joana Lurie’s short won Best Animated Film that year.

“Pioneer”: 2012 was perhaps the biggest year for the FFF, and David Lowery’s short narrative film about an epic bedtime story played a part in that.


“Sita Sings the Blues”: This feature-length animated film uses traditional Indian stories and art, modern animation and 1920s jazz to take a fun look at a dissolving marriage.


"A Crooked Somebody": Concordia alum Rich Sommer and Andrew Zilch returned to Fargo in 2017 with this thriller.


Mike Scholtz (center) sets up a shot for his documentary, "Lost Conquest." Special to The Forum

“Lost Conquest”: Moorhead native Mike Scholtz has been one of the Fargo Film Fest’s favorite guests with his witty documentaries. Of particular interest to locals would be his 2015 look at the Kensington Runestone and those who believe in it.

"Welcome to Leith" - When a White supremacist moved to the small North Dakota town and started buying up property to make an enclave, national attention followed, including this documentary that played the FFF in 2016.

Available to rent

“The Secret of Kells”: This animated film didn’t just screen at the Fargo in 2010, it did so four days before it was up for an Oscar.

“It Follows” and “The Hero”: Over the years Northern Lights (local film producers Jeff Schlossman and Erik Rommesmo) have brought a number of great movies to the Fargo Film Festival, with the horror film “It Follows” and Sam Elliott’s “The Hero.”

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