Mobile hot spot added to Fargo Library's circulation

Fargo Library adds mobile hot spots to circulation
Patrons can now check on mobile hot spots along with books, CDs and DVDs at the library.

FARGO — Along with books, CDs and DVDs, add mobile hot spots to the list of things you can borrow from the Fargo Public Library.

The library added mobile hot spots to its circulation availability. People will now have access to e-books, homework and browsing on the go through any device that connects to the internet.

Each one can be borrowed for up to three weeks.

"We're really excited because it's a new way to engage with patrons in a new way, providing access in a new way, and opening doors for people," said Jason Deshaw, head of collection development with the Fargo Public Library.

The Fargo Public Library has 12 devices between locations and staff anticipates it will be hard to keep them on the shelves due to popular demand.

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