Movie producers looking for more extras in Fargo-based movie Thursday and next week

Director Noam Tomaschoff watches a take with assistant camera operator Andy Huynh during shooting of the movie "Tankhouse". David Samson / The Forum

FARGO — Producers of the comedy movie "Tankhouse," being shot in Fargo, are putting the call out for people wanting to be extras in film.

"We're looking for 10 to 15 people in the evening Thursday that'll be around four hours," said Brandon Kops, one of the producers in "Tankhouse," who says that particular scene Thursday, Sept. 19 will be shot outside the Tankhouse theater in downtown Fargo.

The following week is when the extra duty gets a little extra laborious, as producers need approximately 20 extras to be on set a good chunk of the morning and afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 25 and 26. For this, it must be the same extras both days, as it will be the big climax scene and will take both days to shoot.

There is no acting experience required and no particular demographic for these parts, other than people must be over 18 years old.


"Because we're an independent film, we can't offer anything much for compensation, but we will feed everybody," said Kops, who says they are open to doing something a little outside the box for next week's extras. If a church or charitable group would like to volunteer together to be extras, Tankhouse is willing to make a donation to that organization.

"If we can get 20 people to commit to that, we'd absolutely be interested in doing that," he said of the donation.

Kops says says although extras aren't being paid for their efforts, he says just being part of the movie-making process can be a fun and unique experience for someone.

"A lot of people reaching out to us are Fargo natives who are excited that we're filming here, and we want to get people who are local so that it's as much of a community project as possible," said Kops. "We just want to embrace the area while were here, so it's an exciting way to be a part of Hollywood without leaving Fargo."

To sign up to be an extra, email


Click Content Studios, a video-production company owned by Fargo-based Forum Communications Co., and Los Angeles-based Momentum Studios have partnered to produce the film. For exclusive coverage on the making of "Tankhouse," check out the Forum newspaper, and WDAY TV.

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