Clarifying that comment about the railroad depot picture

In today's "Neighbors" column, Bob Lind gets more information about an old photo from Fargo and also shares the lyrics to an old song for a youth organization.

A reader shared this old image of the Fargo train depot. Special to The Forum

Editor's note: Bob Lind died Aug. 2, but he always wrote columns months in advance of publication. The Forum will continue to publish Lind's new columns like the one below until there are no more.


This picture of a Fargo railroad depot, which ran here earlier this year , was sent in by a woman who commented that, since she was a senior citizen, she had delicious meals at the Fargo depot.

That brought an explanatory email from Alice Engel, West Fargo, who wrote that the picture is of the depot at the the north end of Broadway in Fargo, while the senior meals were served at the depot at the south end of Broadway on Main Avenue.

Thanks to Alice for this information.



ND song

Also, thanks to Zelda Hanisko, who lives near Madison, Wis., for sending in the lyrics of the Young Citizens League (YCL) "March Song," which a “Neighbors” reader had requested.

Here are those lyrics:

O up from every valley and down from every crest,

We come, thy loyal children, by all thy favors blest,

To pledge our firm allegiance, America to thee,

Thy guardians of tomorrow, by mountain, plain and sea.


In all the winds of heaven, there breathes a patriot’s creed,

Clean hearts and minds and bodies, serve best our country’s need.

That creed we hold, America, enshrined in heart and soul,

A deeper sense of duty, and better lives our goal.


We march and we sing, our voices ring, young citizens are we;


Leagued in a host whose watchwords are youth, courage, loyalty.

Hailing our nation’s banner, afloat in the sunlit sky,

Which through hopes and fears, through future years,

We still hold evermore on high.

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

Bob Lind
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum

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