Jean Lemmon, Fergus Falls, Minn., spotted a couple of Lenten poems in this column recently.

That led to her sending in two Easter poems she’s written:

“Judas of Iscariot”

“One of you will betray Me,”

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Christ told His disciples that night

As they looked to one another

To the left and to the right.

Who was this man, this traitor,

Who should never have been born,

Who shall dip his bread with Christ

And whose allegiance will be torn?

Judas, filled with self-ambition

Which turned his heart to greed;

He wanted to be a winner;

He wanted to succeed.

So he climbed aboard the bandwagon

As Jesus’ popularity increased.

He even became the treasurer,

But soon became a thief.

For a time all went well for Judas

Until Christ refused the crown.

Then Judas began to watch;

His dreams came tumbling down.

If he remained loyal to Jesus

His status quo would be at stake.

But if he traded sides,

What a difference it would make!

So for 50 pieces of silver

He gave his soul away,

And with the kiss of Satan

Our Lord he did betray.

Yes, Judas wanted to be a winner

Yet a loser he became,

As he threw away the silver

And hung himself in shame.

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“Words from the Cross”

Once there was a man

Who climbed Golgotha hill

And changed the entire universe

With words we remember still.

“Into your hands, I commit My spirit,”

He said to His Father that day

As His crucified body hung on a cross

And His life was ebbing away.

“Father, forgive them,” he spoke

So every man could hear

Bringing hope to all mankind

Casting out their fear

“Why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

He cried out in despair;

For in the desolation of Hell

Our sins were abandoned there.

“It is finished,” He bowed His head,

His words on earth complete,

Scoring a triumphal victory,

Handing Satan a crushing defeat.

So from the words He spoke that day

Nailed to a tree,

We know His death was not in vain

For He died to set us free.

Jean, the author of these poems, writes that she has written poetry for many years.

“I still remember my sixth grade teacher, Miss Strege, in Wahpeton, N.D., reading my poem to the class. That was the first of many poems I have written in my 76 years.”

On another matter, Jean writes that she “wants to thank the TOPS club in Fergus Falls for helping me lose 70 pounds.

“We have a terrific group of approximately 50 members. I even share my poetry with them.”

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