What is Easter, which is coming up this Sunday, April 21, all about?

In answer to that question, Kirby Brandhagen, Cavalier, N.D., composed this poem and sent it to Neighbors:

"The True Meaning of Easter"

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Full of bright colors and Easter egg hunts

Baby rabbits and little chicks, you might call them runts.

Chocolate creme eggs and chocolate bunnies

Frantically kids search; to watch it, is funny.

It’s all good fun and seems kind of harmless;

But too much celebration may somewhat disarm us.

A celebration of new life is what you do see

For those who receive Him, you, and even me.

Sweating blood as He prayed in the garden alone;

Not from fear, but for our sins for which He would atone;

For He took on all the sins that mankind committed,

Giving His life for all who ask to be acquitted.

Betrayed by a kiss in the dark of the night

By one whom He trusted to be in the right.

Taken and tried by a Sanhedrin session,

No power on earth could cause Him to give up His mission.

“Father,” He prayed, “may this cup from Me pass;

But nevertheless, it’s Your will that must last.”

He must be accused, arrested, and tried,

To carry His own cross, on which He would die.

For in His dying there is promised new life

If you believe in Him in this world full of strife.

No bones on Him will by man be broken

But a spear thrust will come after “It is finished” is spoken.

His mother for Him will shed a torrent of tears;

But soon all of His followers will conquer their fears.

From the cross, down, He will soon be taken

To a great tomb that, for Him, a rich man has forsaken.

Over His body they will, with a shroud, soon cover,

Many of them believing that now, it is over.

Rolled in place, a gigantic stone closes the tomb,

Turning the earth into a cavernous womb.

For three days He will sleep in His Father’s will;

Then from death He will rise, to prophecy fulfill.

The heavy stone will be miraculously rolled away

Setting Him free to be on His way.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in one,

The Holy Trinity is now begun.

So let the children have their pleasure

As long as they’re taught what to truly treasure.

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