Patrick McCleary, Fargo, enjoys writing spiritual poems. Here are a couple he sent to Neighbors.


“A God Who Keeps His Promises”

(Based on Psalms 119:41 and 2 Peter 3:13)

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In harmony with God’s promises

We know God’s loyal love

He never does forsake us

He guides us from above!

Salvation, He does grant it

It comes from nowhere else

We cannot work to earn it

It comes not from ourselves!

New heavens and a new earth

Them both we now await

According to His promise

We know it won’t be late!

Each day we are reminded

When we read God’s Word

Our God is truly faithful

His promise is assured!


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“Jesus Is the Way to God”

(Based on John 14:6)

Approaching God through Jesus

For Jesus is the way

Jesus, He pleads for us

Every time we pray!

On our own we’re helpless

Sin gets in the way

Jesus, He was sinless

Takes our sins away!

This is called the ransom

Purchased now are we

We belong to Jesus

He does set us free!

Life eternal promised

If we stay the course

Jesus, He will help us

With His active force!


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