Neighbors: Local poetry for the Lenten season

Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The Forum
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist. The ForumThe Forum

We’re into the Lenten season. It began this week with Ash Wednesday and will conclude with Easter and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

In keeping with this, here are two poems written by and sent to Neighbors by Patrick McCleary, who came to North Dakota from Ohio, lived in Devils Lake and Rugby and now lives in Fargo.

Like Flower of the Field

(Based on the Bible’s James 1:10: “And let the rich man glory in his humiliation, because like flowering grass he will fade away.”)

Like a flower of the field

A rich man does fade away

His wealth cannot him save

It cannot help him on that day!

Every day the sun does rise

Its heat does wither every plant

The pursuits the rich do try

They can’t save them, they just can’t!

So let us show our trust in God

If we serve Him He’ll provide

If we seek the kingdom first

He will with us then abide!

Everything we need we’ll have

In the new world near at hand

Every day will be a joy

And we’ll serve our God so grand!

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When the Sun Had Risen

(Based on Mark 16:2: “And very early on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb when the sun had risen.”)

When the sun had risen

The Son had risen

Unexpected it was by God’s foes

Yes, the grave was open

And now we’re hoping

For the time when all badness goes!

With the spirit given

To many then living

It made them part of God’s fold

They were then adopted

What could ever top it?

And one day they’ll wear crowns of gold!

Soon will come the judgment

We’ll think nothing of it

Just and wise we know it will be

O what grand deliverance

To the world good riddance

And we’ll live good lives eternally!

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