Here’s a nice note from Maureen (Crowley) Kerce, Lake City, Fla., who writes, “I continue to enjoy reading your columns from afar because they are full of nostalgic tidbits about my beloved hometown of Fargo and the surrounding area.

“Today,” she wrote in February, “I had a pleasant surprise to read a familiar name, that of Bill Kuebler, who is a friend of both of my brothers.”

That column noted that Bill grew up in Fargo, now lives in Apple Valley, Minn., and, although he is a longtime professional airline pilot, is a big fan of railroads because he comes from a railroad family.

“Bill traveled back to Fargo in December 2014 to attend my mother’s funeral,” Maureen writes. “Our family had an interesting chat with him afterwards and found out about his book about local trains, which he published back in 2004.

“The book is titled ‘The Vista-Dome North Coast Limited: The Story of the Northern Pacific Railway’s Famous Domeliner.’ My sister gave me a copy of the book a year ago, and for anyone interested, I believe they can still find it at Amazon. It is a beautiful coffee table-style book full of photographs but also loaded with a history of this train.

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“My brother, Curt Crowley, and Bill shared an interest in Fargo’s trains and maybe even took some short trips together.

“You ended your piece about Bill with a comment wondering if, once he retires from being an airline pilot, he would choose to travel by air or train. Four years ago, I asked him something similar.

“His answer was effectually that for the pure romance of the journey he preferred the train, especially if it was of the Vista-Dome style.

“So it makes sense as to why he would write a book about it, right?” Maureen says.

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“Yes,” she adds, “Bill Kuebler is a most interesting fella.

“My son is a commercial pilot currently based in Minneapolis, and I’m grateful to my brother Greg for introducing him to Bill.”

As a footnote to her email, Maureen writes that she misses Fargo, but adds, “I’m not sure I could tackle snow due to my present health issues.

“I have three siblings who all live in Minnesota, two in close proximity to Fargo. The third lives in Bloomington, and he’s the only one of us who would rather live in a warm climate. He’s the youngest, too, so maybe he’ll decide to retire to warmer climes one day.

“Florida is nice in the winter,” Maureen says, “but its summers are brutal… too hot and way too humid. But alas, I live here because this is where God planted me with a most wonderful Florida man!”

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