Someone sent Neighbors a tattered piece of paper on which is a writing about America.

It was mailed from Fargo, but does not give the name or address of the sender. But a note is enclosed asking who composed it.

Parts of the paper are torn away, so some of the words are missing.

Here it is, in which Neighbors has inserted “missing” where words are gone due to the torn paper.

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“America Is Mine”

God built Him a continent of glory and filled it with treasures untold;

He carpeted it with soft rolling prairies and columned it with thundering mountains,

He studded it with sweet-flowing fountains and traced it with long-winding streams,

He planted it with deep-shadowed forests, and filled them with song.

Then He called unto a thousand peoples and summoned the bravest among them.

They came from the ends of the earth, each bearing a gift and a hope.

The glow of adventure was in their eyes, and in their hearts the glory of hope.

And out of the bounty of earth and the labor of men.

Out of the (missing) of hearts and the (missing) of souls,

Out of the (missing) and hopes of the world,

God fashioned a nation in love … blessed it with purpose,

And called it AMERICA!

OK, neighbors, can you name the person who wrote this and can you fill in the missing words? If so, let Neighbors know.

And this Saturday, let’s honor the men and women who are serving or did serve in the military protecting our country as we celebrate Armed Forces Day.

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Pool, snooker

Last year Neighbors carried a story about the Strack family, which operated bowling alleys in Fargo and Moorhead for many years. One of them was the Moorhead Sports Center, which was operated by the late Howard Strack.

Ron Fredrickson, Kenosha, Wis., writes, “I often used to go with my late friend, Walt Krueger, to the Moorhead Sports Center to shoot pool and snooker. But I don’t recall ever having bowled there.

“As I recall,” Ron says, “the pool tables were in the basement, and it was subject to some water problems after a heavy rain.”

Food at the Cabin

Now here’s a note from a woman who says she appreciates the human interest stories you Forum readers send to this column, saying “I really enjoy them.”

This comes from Joan Frey, Moorhead, who adds that she grew up in Glyndon, Minn., where her parents had a cafe called Hills’ Log Cabin.

“I waited on tables and fried Mom’s delicious donuts,” Joan writes.

Maybe some of you tried out those doughnuts plus other food at this cafe.

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