With Father’s Day coming up Sunday, June 16, Neighbors gives you some poetic memories about an old TV show about a dad and his family.

The copyrighted poem was written and sent in by Kirby Brandhagen, Cavalier, N.D.:

“Father Knows, What?”

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Lately on TV, been watching reruns of “Father Knows Best.”

Fifty years later, of time, it survives the test.

Oh, I know, it was an idealized situation,

So I will try to not talk about it too much with over infatuation.

Every show had in it, a bit, of “morality play.”

But they, the messages, did not too heavily on us lay.

A family of five; mom, dad, two girls, and a boy.

Must say, watching all these years later, was a bit of a joy.

Dealing with all kinds of problems, and young and old, emotions

Most of which could have been avoided, without too much commotion.

The children were warned, by parents and adults;

But deciding they knew best, did not them consult.

Of course they wound up in all kinds of situations and in trouble,

And then, trying to themselves fix it, made it worse, by double.

Spurred on by their friends, not a whole lot more than them, wiser;

Deep, they dug themselves in, like an overworked grave digger.

Running here, and there, like headless chickens,

Making the shows’ plots really begin to thicken.

Then, in the nick of time, Mom or Dad would in, step

After saving the day, would deliver to the kids a lesson, with pep.

Chewing out the errant child

But in correcting them, still very mild.

Point made, there would be forgiveness to the penitent, given

After making sure the lesson was in them really well driven.

Unlike real life, every show ended well.

If only that always was, that would be swell.

Script writers can make everything turn out right;

In real life, often things, us, in the butt, deeply bite.

Still the lessons given then are still valid today;

Many of the episodes dealt with things still happening every day.

Mom and Dad were shown making mistakes, too,

And in trying to correct them made themselves blue.

But all would learn lessons from their mistake

Vowing again to never, the same one, make.

I’m thinking “Father Knows Best” maybe should be taught in school

At any grade level, I think it would be cool.

It’s for sure full of many, an object lesson

Maybe for today’s youth, from trouble, might their chance lessen.

Probably wouldn’t do them any harm;

Possibly even some good behavior, from them to charm.

FETV is the station I’ve been on, it, watching.

Check it out, maybe a few episodes you could be catching.

Let me know if you think it is worthwhile.

But I’m guessing for sure, it will make you smile.

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