MOORHEAD — Moorhead's oldest preschool is celebrating half a century in business with a reunion of staff and children who have been a part of its 50-year history.

Trinity Lutheran Church's preschool claims to be the oldest preschool in Moorhead, and church members, alumni and former staff plan to come together for games and a huge picnic at Moorhead's Gooseberry Park, Tuesday night, June 24.

Trinity Preschool started in 1969 after the church pastor thought that the children of a single mom in the neighborhood who was going to college needed some structure in their life, according to preschool director Kay Heidrich.

Fifty years later, the preschool has been around so long now that the grandchildren of the first group of kids now attend.

Heidrich, who is only the third director at the preschool since 1969, has been working since 1987 when she interned with the woman who started it.

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She says the care Trinity provides is needed now more than ever.

"I see kids struggling, having with harder and harder issues to deal with . . . we can partner alongside those families to get the help that they need," Heidrich said. "I feel I am where I need to be."