This picture has been published here a couple of times. It shows three of the members of the Fargo American Legion baseball team years ago.

It was known that the boys on the left and right respectively were Art Cossette and Roger Maris. But the boy in the middle was known only as “Peewee”; people weren’t sure of his real name.

In response, a reader who wrote in was Jim Gooselaw, Detroit Lakes, Minn., who said the boy’s name was Lehigh Scott, and he was the team’s batboy.

To that, Beverly (Ames) Shy, Mesa, Ariz., writes, “Yes, Jim Gooselaw is right. That is Peewee Scott.

“He went by Lee, but his name was Lehigh.

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“He graduated from Fargo High in 1944.”

So thanks to Jim and Beverly, we now know who Peewee was.

Remember Pershing Park?

“I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoy your stories about Fargo years ago,” Chuck Boyle, Sedona, Ariz., writes Neighbors; “they always seem to bring back some long-forgotten memories.”

Then Chuck passes along memories of a special Fargo place in his life.

“My childhood buddy, Curt Sprenger, and l both left Fargo in the 1960s,” he writes, “but we found time to reconnect with a large number of old friends who also grew up in the neighborhood around the long forgotten Pershing rink and park in the ‘40s and ‘50s. The park, you may remember, was between Eighth and Ninth Avenues North and between College Street and 14th.

“After we had nearly a hundred names on our list, we built a photo- and story-sharing website that has some fun stuff on it. Maybe snippets would be fun for your readers as well.

“The web address is:, and the viewing password is ‘Hector,’ named for Hector Hanson, the gentle guy who ran the Pershing warming house all those years ago.

“If you find anyone with an image of either of the old warming houses at Pershing, we’d love to add them to the site. The first one was destroyed in the 1957 tornado, just after some of us were on the roof watching the tornado coming from the west.”

Anybody out there have any such pictures, neighbors?

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Two errors

Now, let’s get a couple of errors in recent columns straightened out.

Neighbors mentioned that Shanley High School coach Sid Cichy flew a Navy plane called the Corvair during World War II. Wrong; it was the Corsair. Thanks to Anthony Cusher and Pat Colliton, both Fargo, for the correction.

Of even greater importance is the column which included a note from a reader talking about “the late” Fargo South High School coach Gelaine Orvik.

Neighbors promptly got a note from Gelaine, noting, he says, “I am alive and doing well.” In fact, Gelaine was the starter for the Region 8 Junior Olympics at South High’s Orvik Track early this month.

It’s mighty good to know this popular coach is still with us!

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