Today Neighbors has two examples of how good you folks out there are at finding information for people.

Earlier this year, Neighbors ran a request from a woman who wondered what an antique box she owned might be worth. It had been given to her grandfather during World War I by Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Mary.

Emails promptly arrived from several people.

Eric Rommesmo, West Fargo, wrote, “A quick search on eBay for ‘WWI Princess Mary tin’ shows $25 is paid for 20 pound sterling to $150 for 110 pound sterling.”

David Dennis wrote, “Online, those are going from $210 on eBay to $295 at an antique store.”

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Jon Forknell, Fargo, said he found such cans for sale ranging from $75 to $95.

Scott Olson, Grand Forks, said he found one of these on eBay for $75 “or best offer.”

Josh Andres, Barnesville, Minn., found an online article from the Daily Mail about a collector who came across a cache of cake boxes that look identical to the woman’s.

“In 2014,” Josh wrote, “it looked like the value would be between $400 and $450 for a box in excellent condition.”

And then Patricia Belknap reminds this woman, “There is a weekly column in The Forum dealing with antiques, and people often write or email it requesting information. She can email them at; write Joe Rossen, 2504 Seymour Ave., Knoxville, TN 37917; or Kovels, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019. This will get help for her without charge.”

More from Patricia later.

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A road’s name

Neighbors also ran an inquiry this spring wondering about a road near Wadena, Minn., he’d seen that, according to a sign on it, was called Oink Joint Road. He wondered how that funny name come about.

Well, two replies came in on that question.

Rebecca Hauge, Fargo, sent an email saying she forwarded the column to a relative who grew up in Wadena, and he responded with, “That’s funny! I remember the road, but never thought about why it had that name.

“I asked my mom; her response was, ‘It was named that because Danny Lorentz raised pigs.’”

More information came from Joanne Pounds, Moorhead, who wrote, “I lived in Staples, Minn., and my mother read an article in the local paper about a pig farmer who decided what to do about people having difficulty finding the location of his farm. This was before all the road signs in rural areas that are out now.

“So this pig farmer decided to purchase a road sign and give it the name of ‘Oink Joint Road.’

“After that road sign was up, people easily found his farm.”

N.D. fan

Now, back to Patricia Belknap, from the antiques story leading off this column.

“I am a North Dakota girl,” she writes.

“I grew up in Bismarck and have lived in Fargo for about 35 years.

“I always encourage people to come visit North Dakota because it is such a lovely place with very friendly people.

“I have lived in Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa and Minnesota over the years due to job obligations, but North Dakota is the best.”

Patricia adds, “People are surprised once they have visited or moved here and enjoyed all we have to offer.”

If you have an item of interest for this column, mail it to Neighbors, The Forum, Box 2020, Fargo, ND 58107, fax it to 701-241-5487 or email