Many people, including the writer of this column, have hearing problems.

After this was mentioned in an earlier column, Chuck Johnson, Perham, Minn, wrote that he, in his mid-60s, is “severely hearing impaired and has worn hearing aids for many years.

“I have two solutions that help substantially,” he wrote, and passes them on in hopes they might help others dealing with hearing problems.

“I still work (as Perham’s Economic Development Authority’s director), and I use my work landline substantially. It’s a high-quality speakerphone. I NEVER use the handset. I take all of my calls on speakerphone.

“It’s located close to my chair, so I lean down close to the phone to talk, and people don’t know I’m on speakerphone (that is to avoid the ‘echo’ effect when somebody uses speakerphone from a distance.)

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“I also use speakerphone for voicemails.

“My newest pair of hearing aids Bluetooths directly into my cellphone,” Chuck says. “Thus when I receive a cellphone call, it goes directly to my hearing aids. I basically can’t use the cellphone like normal (putting it to my ear), so this works very well for me.

“Although my landline phone doesn’t Bluetooth to my hearing aids, I think I could acquire one that would do so,” he says.

“But the speakerphone is a good solution for me, so I don’t need a Bluetooth phone.

“Give speakerphone a try; I bet it will help substantially,” Chuck suggests. ”And if you wanna spend about $6,000 on a new set of hearing aids, you can have a Bluetooth solution.”

Thanks to Chuck for his suggestions.

Unfortunately, though, Neighbors doesn’t have $6,000 lying around at the moment. We wonder what’s available for $1.98?

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Where’s ND?

On another matter, Neighbors once told of the resident of a southern state not knowing exactly where North Dakota is located.

That led Harriet Holler, formerly of Hunter, N.D., and now of Fargo, to write of her experience.

Harriet says that she once lived in California, having moved there in 1953.

While living there, she writes, “I must have had an accent I was not aware of, because people would ask me where I was from.

“I would say ‘North Dakota,’ and one person asked if that was in the United States.

“I had to smile.”

Neighbors trusts Harriet is still smiling over that incident, even though she’s now living in Fargo, which is in North Dakota, which, at last report, is in the United States.

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