Winner: Small Wonders Preschool and Child Care Center, Inc.

Locations: 3 Fargo locations

“Winning feels amazing because it really shows that everything we do is seen by our parents," said Lynette Lien, president and founder of Small Wonders Preschool and Child Care Center, Inc. "My reaction to Small Wonders winning is humbling because to us this is what we are to do for the children no matter if it is recognized or not. In our hearts, we know our families deserve the very best because they are trusting us with the most precious treasure they will receive from the Lord."

When they walk out the door, parents can rest assured that their children are getting everything they need to be developmentally ready for the next steps in life.

"I believe the secret to our success and why parents choose us is because our decisions and actions are led from our hearts," Lien said. "What we do is based upon what is best for the children."

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The Small Wonders staff believe in educating the whole child, and the childcare center provides opportunities that allow children to be successful. They're committed to a healthy development and overall well being of the children they care for by providing a safe and secure environment.

“Strong points that resonate with our parents is the longevity and stability of our overall program beginning with our management and teachers while continuing through our curriculum, structure and positive discipline," Lien said.

Second Place: Growing Kids Preschool & Childcare

Third Place: Inspiring Minds Childcare & Preschool

Fourth Place: Bright Futures

Fifth Place: Active Minds Academy