Here’s a question for you folks living in or around Valley City, N.D.: Do you know anything about the house which used to stand along the north side of Interstate 94 on the east side of Valley City which had a pointed roof and beautiful evergreens around it?

This comes from Grant and Lois Kalbfleisch, Bismarck.

Grant is from Fargo, so when his parents were living, he and Lois made many trips there from Bismarck, and they always admired that Valley City home while driving by.

“The house was so beautiful from the outside with all the evergreens,” Lois writes Neighbors. “It had many windows facing south.

“However, only the trees exist today.

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“We still have family in Fargo so we often go there.

“We don’t think it was a fire (that took out the house,) but we often wonder what happened to it.”

OK, can someone from the Valley City area tell something about this house and what happened to it?

Let Neighbors and Grant and Lois know.

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And now, let’s straighten out an earlier column about the “North Dakota Song,” about which many people have written.

The column in question said that the song was written by Leon Sorlein, a former Fargo-Moorhead area music teacher.

Wrong, says Philip Felde, Fargo, who sent in the information for that story which Neighbors misunderstood.

But give credit to Leon’s wife Norma and their daughter Barbara for coming up with the lyrics for another North Dakota song: the “North Dakota Centennial March.”

So says Phil, whose name in the original column, by the way, had a typo in it, making it “Phililp,” leading him to sign his return email with “Phil, not usually known as Phililp as printed in the article!”

Also, a woman who prefers to remain anonymous writes that Bella Vista, where Leon lived, is in Arkansas, not Arizona, as that same article erroneously said.

Oh boy, Neighbors had a bad day that day…

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