Do you happen to be heading for Vero Beach, Fla., for Christmas, neighbors? If so, you might want to stop by Paul and Linda Kelly’s home, because they’ll have a Christmas treat for you.

Paul grew up in Pengilly, Minn., and lived in Fargo in the 1970s.

While writing Neighbors recently, he said, “My fingers may still hold a small portion of the Swedish meatball ingredients, because I just assisted Linda in making the first batch.

“We will freeze the baked meatballs and keep them ‘out of harm’s way’ until Christmas Eve, and then after heating them we will roll them in lefse.

“This is a treat we wish you all could enjoy, and who knows? A few of you may show up at our front door!”

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Well, even if you can’t make it to Vero Beach, many of you can sit back and think back along with Harriet Holler about past Christmases when families had lighted candles on their Christmas trees.

Harriet, formerly of Hunter, N.D., and now of Fargo, writes about this with joy, even though she says, “I still wonder why they did not cause a fire.”

Ah, but she says, “Those were such happy times for our older generation. Meaningful. And full of love for family and friends.”

Besides all that, Harriet adds, “We kids also had a luscious chocolate drop in our candy from church!”

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And then we have this poem about what Christmas is really all about, written by Kirby Brandhagen, Cavalier, N.D.:

“Christmas Is A’comin’”

Christmas is a’comin’,

Angels’ harps are strummin’.

Soon the King’s arrivin’

From death to set us free.

Take Him into your heart;

That’s how it all does start.

Don’t from Him depart,

Accepting Him to become We.

He’s the King of Heaven;

He will you, there leaven.

Tribes of Israel, one plus eleven;

They’re His people, do you see?

They think He’s just a teacher.

Some call Him a preacher.

But for all souls, He is a reacher.

Lord, please reach out to me.

Born in a little manger,

Surrounded by animals and strangers,

God, this miracle arranger

Fulfilling holy prophecy.

Three wise men bearing gifts

To the new King, them uplift

In Herod’s kingdom, causing a rift;

For him, Christ’s birth sings off key.

Slaying all the newborn males,

Herod’s soldiers, in stopping Christ, to fail,

Causing Herod’s mind to derail,

Making the new King from Bethlehem to flee.

In Nazareth, He’ll grow to be a man,

Learning all He can,

But without sin, He will stand

On top of a hill called Calvary,

Paying for all the world’s sins,

His original mission, here to begin,

To His mother’s great chagrin,

Her tears, with His blood and rain, flowing out to sea.

Making all earth’s waters holy,

Giving up her Son, so sadly,

Making her so lonely;

God, please hear her plea.

So welcome Christmas a’comin’;

‘Tis the season, for all, lovin’;

Good will to all, becomin’.

Pray God, please let it be.

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