Here are some questions for you Neighbors readers.

They come from Kirby Brandhagen, Cavalier, N.D.

Kirby has had some of his poems published here. But now he writes in the wake of a column about the late North Dakota singer Peggy Lee.

“My dad, Kenneth C. Brandhagen, was in a band in the 1930s,” he writes, “and he told me once he was singing on a radio station in Fargo or Moorhead at the same time Peggy was on WDAY.”

Kirby would like to know what other local radio stations were on the air during Peggy’s time, and if there is any record of their programming, so he could pin down which station his dad’s band played on.

WDAY logo
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“I never heard the name of my dad’s band,” he says. “But I know it had one of his brothers in it, and a man named Bert Betchem or Bethchen; not sure of the spelling.

“Any info would be appreciated.”

Can you help Kirby on this, neighbors?

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The Army Reserves

Then there was a Neighbors item that mentioned a man who a Forum reader remembered from years ago.

The column was primarily about Eleonore “Ellie” Radtke, of Detroit Lakes, Minn., and earlier of Perham, Minn., and Fargo, and of her having attended the Dakota Business College in Fargo. Ellie passed away last November at age 100.

That story mentioned Ellie’s husband of nearly 67 years until his death in 2018, George Radtke.

That brought an email from Chuck Humphrey, formerly of Verona, N.D., and now of Pocatello, Idaho.

“George was in my chain of command, as a major, when I commanded the Army Reserve unit in Fargo from 1967 to 1970,” Chuck writes.

“He worked for the Fargo school district.”

Thanks, Chuck. It’s always good to hear of folks who served in the military.

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