“With the retirement of the baby boomers of the ‘50s and ‘60s, retirement homes have sprung up like mushrooms in Fargo. Excellent clinics and hospitals also beckon senior citizens.”

So Arlene Haux wrote to Neighbors last year.

“Bethany Grace Pointe (Fargo) was built for independent living and is now my home,” she wrote. “We tenants are retired (and sometimes tired).

“Tenant Lois Jacobson has done an excellent job of organizing ‘work days’ for us ladies.

“I thought I was done with ‘work.’ Getting up at 5 a.m. all those years on the farms played me out.

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“But Lois invited the ladies to bring their sewing machines, an efficient assembly line was set up and we went into the manufacturing business.

“‘Kaffe’ is omitted. There was no time to dawdle over a beverage. Just one hour twice weekly was a small part of one’s day to give. Eleven a.m. was fine with me. I had time to eat and take my meds. According to their number, I should live to be 110.

“Lois is a do’er with an infectious attitude.”

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“Finished projects were created,” Arlene wrote, “shipped by boxcar to Minneapolis and eventually went to Africa to Global Health Ministries, one of the many helping hand organizations in existence today.

“Lois and her workers are following the biblical command to ‘feed My sheep.’

“We may not move as fast as we used to, but we’re ‘oldies but goodies’ living out each day to the fullest.

“To date (as of last summer when Arlene wrote), 736 pinless diapers, 117 tiny caps, 842 rolls of bandages and 40 small quilts are on their way to new homes in Africa.

“A gentleman once said, ‘My hope is that when I die, my little corner of the world will be a better place because I was here.’”

Amen to that, Arlene.

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