Every so often, this column links people who are connected in some way.

It happened again last fall, after Carol Schmidt, who lives near Pelican Rapids, Minn., was going through some old pictures and found one of a woman she didn’t know, but who was identified on the picture as Olga Goplen.

Carol did some research on Olga and found she was born in 1892 in Wisconsin, became a nurse, was a visiting nurse in Gale, Wis., in 1919, appeared in the Spokane, Wash., 1935 census and died in Spokane in 1982. Carol guessed that Olga was a member of the Goplen family of Hannaford, N.D.

Well, this brought an email from Ione Diiro, Moorhead, who said, “Olga was my mother’s sister and the information in your column is correct.

“She was a nurse, and she never married.

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“Her uncle, John Goplen, and his wife Anne farmed by Walum, N.D., near Hannaford.

“I talked to John and Anne’s daughter-in-law Vivian,” Ione writes. “She said that Olga used to come to the farm to visit, or probably to help out on occasion.

“Two of their closest farm neighbors were the George Keplers. They are Carol Schmidt’s grandparents.”

When Neighbors passed this information on to Carol, she sent a note of appreciation back, adding “Olga can now rest in peace in my mind.”

Carol now is digging into her own ancestry.

For one thing, she’s learned her great-great-great-grandparents are buried in a cemetery in Lanesboro, Minn., southeast of Rochester, and she was planning to drive there, see their gravestones and look at the church records.

Yes, it’s always enjoyable to find out about our ancestors, right, neighbors?

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