A column about Snakey Creek in north Moorhead brought an email from Wayne Schreiner, Las Vegas.

“Many of us in those fun ‘50s who resided in north Moorhead explored the creek from 17th Street North to past where the American Legion hall now stands,” Wayne writes.

The original column mentioned Mike O’Day, of Dilworth.

“I knew Mike from his St. Frances de Sales days,” Wayne says.

That old column also told of the men who lived in north Moorhead who kids called the Bee Men, because they were two brothers who had many beehives.

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“Some other things about the Bee Men’s home was that it had no electricity, running water or sewer,” Wayne says.

“They made tea from the creek water, including the moss.

“I visited them many times and we talked about homing pigeons, about which they were experts. They had memorabilia from World War I when pigeons were used to carry messages.”


On another matter, “Neighbors” carried a reader’s note urging drivers to use their turn signals when turning or changing lanes.

That brought an unsigned postcard from Moorhead, reading, “Do we not only need to signal when we change lanes or turn corners, but to signal well in advance of doing so?”

The answer, of course, is yes, by all means, give plenty of advance warning you are about to do either one.

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