“How many times have we stepped outside and immediately noticed the chill in the air? Instinctively, we know it is time to prepare for winter.”

That truism comes from Larry Munson, New Rockford, N.D.

When that chill hits you, he says in an email to “Neighbors,” you know that “Harvest is underway. It’s time to finish preserving the fruit and vegetables from the garden; time to make last-minute repairs to the buildings and equipment and make preparations to store the items that won’t be needed until next spring.

“Perhaps the lines in my poem will remind us to get ready.”

Here is Larry’s poem:

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“Autumn on the Prairie”

On a cool prairie morning, as daylight’s just breaking,

The air is so crisp and the world’s awakening,

The sun is rising on the horizon so distant,

It seems to hesitate, and wants some assistance.

The sun breaks its bond with the horizon at last,

Painting colorful clouds on a sky that’s so vast.

The birds begin chirping and seem to be saying,

“Get up and join us, it’s time to start playing!”

The wind gently whispers good morning to all,

But the chill in the air reminds us it’s fall.

The leaves do a dance as they float in the air;

Soon the tree branches all will be bare.

Jack Frost will visit us one of these days,

Leaving his mark wherever he plays.

Snowflakes will swirl and fall to the ground,

Telling us winter is coming around.

We’re blessed to be part of this world of ours,

We know it was made by much greater powers.

On a cool prairie morning, as daylight’s just breaking,

We know that this day is our Savior’s making.

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