“I read your column about someone who knew Roger Maris (the late major league baseball player from Fargo). I knew his dad,” Harlan Hall writes “Neighbors.”

“I got moved to Fargo in the spring of 1970 with the merger of the railroads into the Burlington Northern.

“Roger’s dad worked in the mechanical department of the former Great Northern Railroad in north Fargo.

“I remember that Roger used to buy a new Cadillac every year and his dad Rudy would get the year-old one.

“I always was a big Roger Maris fan,” Harlan writes, “and I am still dismayed that he never got into the baseball Hall of Fame. To many of us, he was definitely a Hall of Fame player.”

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Lots of people agree with Harlan on that.

N.D., Arizona, Texas

Harlan also tells something about him and his wife, noting they lived in Arizona for a number of years, but in the fall of 2019 moved back to Ft. Worth, Tex., where they earlier had lived for several years, so they could be near their son who lived there.

“It kind of feels like we moved back home, as we still know a lot of people here,” Harlan writes.

“I was born in Woodworth, N.D., (northwest of Jamestown) at Doc Melzer’s office in 1945,” he says. “There were three boys born that day, which would have been a population explosion for that small town.

“Doc Melzer was well known in that area. My dad was delivered by him on my grandparents’ homestead near Vashti, N.D.”

Harlan adds that he and his wife “have become part of the older generations that we always heard about when we were growing up.”

Oh boy, many of us can identify with Harlan on that, right, neighbors?

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