A “Neighbors” column mentioning the destruction of the old geoscience building at North Dakota State University brought a note from Brian Lee, Fargo.

“In the early to mid-1960s, my family purchased milk in that building while it was still a creamery,” Brian writes.

“The milk was bottled in glass, and the empties were brought there for refill.

“I don’t know if this was available for employees only or not, as my dad was an NDSU employee.

“By the time I became a student at NDSU in 1974, the building housed the horticulture science college.

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“It was a fine old building,” Brian says.

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Cool language

Now here’s a note from Wayne Koenig, who wrote last Dec. 14:

“I’m a native of Fargo now living in Orlando, Fla.

“I mentioned to my native Floridian wife that Fargo’s low temp this morning was 1 degree.

“This began a discussion of the oddity of the Fahrenheit temperature scale: water boils at 212, freezes at 32… but what happens at zero?

“Having lived in Fargo for over 20 years, I concluded that zero marks the point at which people can legally start to say, ‘Cold enough for ya?’”

Unneeded word

Another “Neighbors” column concerned the wrong use of words and phrases.

That led Carol Toay, Edgeley, N.D., to write that she enjoyed that column, then added, “The one that hurts my ears, is ‘have got,’ as in, ‘I have got to wash my car.’

“What is ‘got’ doing in there?” Carol asks. “You either have to wash your car or you need to wash your car… but ‘have got’?

“I hear it said quite often, but it still makes me shake my head.”

Carol closes her note by saying she is “one of your loyal readers.”

“Neighbors” has got to thank her for that. (Woops...)

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