MOORHEAD — The last 366 days of 2020 brought out the worst in a lot of people — from tensions over social injustices to worries over the spread of COVID-19, there were plenty of reasons to dislike where you lived in 2020. But with the first week of a new year in our rear-view mirror and 11 and a half whole months of 2021 set before us, there's a world of opportunity for a brighter future.

After stay-at-home orders forced many to be together during the better part of 2020, many Americans may be looking to make a move. Raising a healthy, safe, stable family can sometimes require people to take a look at a variety of factors — tax rates, school systems, career opportunities and crime rates, among many others.

In a report released Monday, Jan. 11, WalletHub ranked Minnesota and North Dakota second and third, respectively, as 2021's best states to raise a family.

The personal finance website compared the states across more than 50 key factors of "family-friendliness" — ranging from average family salary and child care costs to rates of violent crimes per capita and divorce rate — to determine the ranking of each state.

Source: WalletHub

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When adjusted for cost of living, Minnesota ranked first for highest median family income, second for lowest percentage of families in poverty and fifth for lowest separation and divorce rate. North Dakota ranked third for most affordable housing and highest median family income, and second for lowest separation and divorce rate.

In the overall ranking, South Dakota was ranked 13th, while Wisconsin was right behind at No. 14 among the states. Rounding out the bottom of the list was West Virginia (No. 48), Mississippi (No 49) and New Mexico (No. 50).

To read the full report, or to see how each state ranked in individual categories, visit