We all could learn from the story Steve Strege, Fargo, sent to "Neighbors."

“A few years ago,” Steve wrote, “I got a call from a girl who called me ‘grandpa.’

“She said she and her family were coming to visit, but their car had broken down. They needed money for repairs.

“The voice sounded a bit like my granddaughter, who lives 400 miles away.

“I told her I didn’t know they were coming; normally they wouldn’t come before contacting us.

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“I asked a few more questions, and she hung up.

“The very next day I got a call from a guy who said he was in jail in Washington, D.C. He wanted me to call his lawyer.

“This time I played along longer. I asked him how he got my number. He said he got it from one of the officers in the jail.

“I asked him why he didn’t call his lawyer directly. He said he had used his one call allowed.

“He asked me if I had a paper and pencil handy. I told him I did.

“He gave me his lawyer’s phone number. Then he asked me to read it back to him.

“I had not written it down. I told him he was a scammer, and he hung up.”



And on this topic, here’s good information from Duane Lund, Moorhead.

“With Google out there, it only takes seconds to check out scams,” Duane writes.

“Google 'Vayo Financial'; it tells you all you need to know.”

Thanks for these reminders about these crooks, Steve and Duane.

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