That awful storm which hit Texas this winter leaving millions without power and water affected a former Fargo resident, too.

He’s Dr. Lyle Thorstenson, who has homes in both Dallas and Nacogdoches, Texas.

“The Texas freeze hit us hard in Nacogdoches,” Lyle writes “Neighbors.” “A frozen pine tree hit the roof of my garage. Frozen pipes did water/structural damage inside the house. There was no electricity for four days.

“My Dallas neighborhood did much better. There was only one frozen pipe, and it thawed without incident.

“Our North Dakota roots got us through it all,” he says.

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Margaret sings

Do you remember a singer named Margaret Brandham Thornton?

Geni Hart would like to know.

Geni, who with her husband Peter lives in Cornville, Ariz., writes that back in 2018, she was listening to the “American Voices” radio show when the emcee interviewed Margaret.

She told him she was originally from western North Dakota. But she moved to Fargo and worked at WDAY. Then she moved to California, where she did a lot of singing during World War II.

She was 97 when she did the interview.

By the way, Geni, who lived in the Fargo area for 40 years, moved with her husband to Cornville 16 years ago. She says Cornville “originally was supposed to have been named Cohnville, but the feds messed it up.

“It is a big rural community. John McCain had a ranch here.”

Anyhow, do any of you remember Margaret?


Old car memories

A column about Alan’s Autohaus, which was in Fargo in the 1960s and maybe into the early 1970s, brought a note from Ginny Poindexter, Fargo.

“My father was Dr. M.H. Poindexter,” she writes.

“He owned one of the first if not the first Volkswagen Beetles in Fargo, with many to follow.

“It was red, and it was an absolute delight for young children, as they fit comfortably in that area behind the back seat.

“Dad would cover one end of Fargo to the other on any given night doing house calls. He was a pediatrician at the Fargo Clinic.

“My thought is that the Autohaus dealership was near Russ Buick in downtown Fargo, but I may be wrong about that. My parents were longtime customers there.

“For many reasons,” Ginny adds, “I wish my dad were here to fill you in.”

Day for the Irish

“Neighbors” doesn’t know if any of the folks mentioned above are of Irish descent. But anyhow, to those of you who are, happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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