“Neighbors” once carried a story about Dr. David Fihn, Detroit Lakes, Minn., who died in May 2020; he was a dentist who among other things went on Rotary Club-sponsored overseas trips to give free dental care to poor people.

The story also told of the for-fun fraternity he and his pals dreamed up when they were attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. They called it Alfalfa Snalfa.

That column brought a letter from Ed Pavek, Fertile, Minn., who wrote that no, he’d never heard of Alfalfa Snalfa.

“But I did know Dr. Fihn,” he says. “He pulled my old teeth and put in my dentures (upper and lower).

“That was many moons ago. And would you believe the total bill was $300! Today, it would cost a bundle.

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“Before Dr. Fihn, we went to a dentist in Detroit Lakes (Minn.) named Dr. Sanders. He charged $1 for pulling a tooth and $3 for filling.

“My wife had two teeth filled recently. The cost was $650.

“Oh yes, they gave her a senior discount: $13.

“I am in my 90s,” Ed wrote, “so I know the prices of yesterday.

“Our daughter is an RN. I asked her what the difference is between Alzheimer’s and dementia. Her reply was, ‘I don’t have either.’ She never used the word ‘yet.’”

Ed closes his letter by saying that he is a Forum reader and that “Dr. Fihn was an excellent dentist.”

David Fihn. Special to The Forum
David Fihn. Special to The Forum

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