“Neighbors” once carried a story about a man in Fargo identified only as “Old Joe” who cleaned windows in downtown Fargo and did handiwork and lawn mowing for Fargo residents.

Now it’s known that his last name was Voracek.

This information comes from Gib Bromenschenkel, Fargo.

“Joe had a brother, Frank, who with his wife Mary lived in north Fargo, then moved to Detroit Lakes, Minn.,” Gib writes. “They had a son, Don. All three have passed away.”

And then Tom Poole, Fargo, writes, “I remember Joe very well. As kids, we all were afraid of him.

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“Scherling Photography shot and printed a color picture of Old Joe. It was posted in their Broadway storefront window for years.”

Cozy Cafe

Now here’s a letter from Susan Roman, Moorhead, who says she wishes she’d written before her mother passed away three years ago.

“My mom worked for Western Union in Seattle before coming back home after the war,” Susan writes.

“She worked at the Cozy Cafe for a Greek man named Nick Paris (I think that was his name).

“I don’t know if the spelling of the cafe’s or the man’s names are correct

“Anyhow, Mom met my dad there, possibly while he attended Hanson’s Auto School, or possibly when he worked for Gamble Robinson. Later, he worked at the Fargo Foundry.

“Does anyone have any information about that cafe?” Susan asks. If you do, let “Neighbors” know.


Uffda, ladies…

On another matter, this column once talked about strange words we commonly use; words such as “Uffda.”

That brought an email from Mark Ellwanger, Moorhead, who wrote, “The ‘uffda’ mention in your column reminded me of something that happened a few years ago when we were in London.

“Walking down the street, we engaged a group of women exiting a pub.

“We learned they were Norwegians on holiday in England.

“Since their English was excellent, we had a nice conversation with them.

“As they turned to leave, I asked them about the word ‘Uffda.’

“I had to repeat it several times, as they weren’t sure what I’d said.

“They quizzically talked among themselves for a moment, then emphatically replied to me, no! They’d never heard such a word!

“I had to laugh,” Mark says.


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