Today, even though we’re in the middle of summer, we’re going to talk about skiers.

This is due to a letter from Arnold Jordheim, Walcott, N.D., who writes about twins Ola and Guro Jordheim, who were from Hemsedal, the mountain valley in Norway, where all the Jordheim family history originates.

“Their parents, Oddmund and Signe-Lisa Jordheim, are the current owners of the original Jordheim farm there, from where my grandfather Nels along with his brothers Peder and Knut, sister Marie and mother Oline emigrated to Walcott in 1893, after the death of father Nils in 1892,” Arnold writes, adding, “Of course by now they and many of their descendents are buried at the Walcott cemetery; the only place there are more Jordheim headstones is at the Hemsedal Lutheran church cemetery!

“The Jordheim farm lies near the excellent Hemsedal ski center, one of Norway’s finest ski resorts,” he says. “So Ola and Guro practically grew up on its ski slopes and became so skilled they were recruited by the University of Utah to be on its alpine ski team. There they won many awards and medals.

“I had the privilege of skiing many days at that Norwegian resort in 1997 at the age of 60, along with my son, Chris, who at the time was stationed with the Air Force in England, and with Knut Ulsaker and his daughter Ellianne, with whom we were staying. Knut is my second cousin and he and his wife, Kjersten, were so hospitable to us.

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“We also got to meet Oddmund and Signe-Lisa at the original Jordheim farm, mindful of the several generations of Jordheims who have lived there since Peder, Nels, Knut, Marie and my great-grandmother Oline left to settle in Walcott. At the time, Ola and Guro were just babies.

“But it was a real meaningful thrill to have been there!” Arnold writes.

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