“I lived one block south of the Masse Grocery Store in the 1950s,” Ron says. “It was located on the southwest corner of 12th Avenue North and 8th Street.

“They had a small and wonderful store, and a great meat market counter in the back.

“Their friendly French spirit would always pick you up starting with Napoleon greeting each lady with ‘bonjour mademoiselle.’

“I believe their home was above the store.

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“The neighborhood was friendly, too.

“Those were special times. I attended Ben Franklin school about then. It’s where I lined up to get my polio vaccine.

“In 1954, I transferred to Shanley High School,” Ron adds.

Corona prayer

Ron mentions the vaccine to fight polio, the disease that plagued the world then as COVID-19 does today.

That brings to mind a poem/prayer that Jim Hebert, Fargo, wrote and sent to “Neighbors.” Here it is:

“The Doctor Divine”

Heavenly Father, I come before You

Today in need of hope.

These are times when I feel weak,

Times that I feel I can’t cope.

I need hope for a better future,

Hope for a better life;

I pray for love and kindness,

And an end to sadness and strife.

The sky is at its darkness,

Just before the dawn;

I trust this is Your will, God,

Yet everything seems gone!

I really need Your light, Lord,

In the days ahead;

It is all according to Your will,

Otherwise, I’m dead!

I want to go on living;

I ask for your mercy now.

I pray an end to coronavirus,

In Jesus’ name — somehow!

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