Editor's note: Bob Lind died Aug. 2, but he always wrote columns months in advance of publication. The Forum will continue to publish Lind's new columns like the one below until there are no more.


This picture of a painting ran here last January. The painting had been done by Adeline Spelletich, Fargo, years ago and had come into the possession of Joy Streed, Fargo, who wished to return it to a member of Adeline’s family.

Joy tells “Neighbors” she’s happy to report she then learned of Adeline’s great-granddaughter in Wisconsin and sent the painting to her.

Meanwhile, information about Adeline has come in.

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“Mrs. Spelletich was my next-door neighbor for 11 years in the ‘60s and ‘70s,” Joan Moen, Fargo, writes. “She was a delightful lady with a great sense of humor.

“She was a writer, sculptor and artist. I could go on and on describing her attributes.

“When my three sons were small children, I asked her if I could purchase a painting. She responded by giving me one.

“She was a down-to-earth lady who enjoyed life while putting up with a divorcee with three small boys living next door.

“We were devastated when she died as a result of a vehicle accident in 1975.”

Dave Anderson, Fargo, writes that Adeline was the sister of his grandfather H.C. Aamoth.

“I have a painting of hers hanging at my office, Dakota Monument Co.,” he says.

“I believe her husband Adam owned Adam’s Equipment. They are both buried at Riverside Cemetery in south Fargo.

“As I recall, Adeline died in a car accident on the Downer road at the intersection right in Downer, Minn. She and three gals were on their way to the lakes.”

Marjorie Schlossman, Fargo, also writes, noting that Adeline was her grandmother’s close friend.

“My grandmother, Alice (Jordan) Black, was married to George Black of Fargo’s The Store Without a Name and the Black building,” Marjorie writes.

This painting was done by Adeline Spelletich, and a message on the back says it was given to a Mrs. Black, a friend of hers. Special to The Forum
This painting was done by Adeline Spelletich, and a message on the back says it was given to a Mrs. Black, a friend of hers. Special to The Forum


'New' singer

“I am writing regarding the column you had about record selling stores in Fargo; Daveau’s, as an example,” writes Carol Zieman, Oakes, N.D.

“When I was working in Fargo at that time, I bought music and records from Daveau’s,” she says.

“But my roommate and I had our favorite store... Bernie’s, right off Roberts Street.

“I was teaching in a rural school. One day while I was writing to my friend in Fargo, I heard the song ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ on the radio. I remarked in my letter about this new singer, and that I liked his voice.

“About a week later, I went to Fargo to stay with my friend and her mother. My friend had heard the song, also, so we walked to Bernie’s and bought our first record of Elvis Presley. I still have it.

“When I went to Fargo to work, we frequented Bernie’s often; more records of Elvis (ha ha) and many of the ‘50s music (usually 45s).

“Your article on Daveau’s, etc., brought back fun memories of Fargo and Bernie’s.

“I might say,” Carol continues, “when two young gals are working at probably their first-time jobs, one does not make a huge salary, but we always found enough $$$ to buy those records.

“I might add that my favorite CD by Elvis is ‘One Alone,’ a group of gospel songs.”