FARGO — Nobody likes to spend the holidays in the hospital, but two toddlers from North Dakota are putting the magic into Christmas thanks to social media.

The Clara and Cutler Facebook site, which documents their visits, has followers from around the world.

Several times a day Clara Violet Beaton goes on duty.

"Who are those friends down there, who are those friends," said Clara’s mom, Lana said as Clara patrols, and rules the halls of Sanford's Children's Hospital, "I am going to get you, don't run away from me, don't you do it. Don't you do it."

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Clara is as popular and precocious as she looks.

"You show off, whoa," Lana said as Clara does the splits at the nurses' station, getting high fives from nurses who adore her.

Clara moves down the corridor like she is on a Paris fashion runway, a little sass, a lot of class.

But she saves most of her affection for someone up north, back home.

"Let's see, should we call Cutler," Lana said.

It is time for Clara to facetime her bestie, Cutler Thompson of East Grand Forks.

"Are we going to call him, ok, here we go,” said Clara's mom.

The 3-year olds simply adore each other.

They met shortly after they were born.

The two moms Lana and Amy Sanders just clicked.

Clara and Cutler were just born to be together.

And so with Clara hospitalized for several days recently at Sanford's Children's, this was the next best thing to being there.

"Who is coming, who is that," Lana asks Clara. "Do you have a kiss for him, miss you," Lana said as Clara kisses the iPad.

The two have their own Facebook site with thousands of followers.

Some of their videos have millions of views worldwide.

But the families are just thrilled to know so many can watch and feel the love.

A bonus chromosome that has connected two Christmas Cupids.

"We love you, I love you,” Lana said into the Ipad. “Clara said, I love you. Hi Cutler. Kiss, kiss, that one was pretty slobbery," Lana said.

"When you have a kiddo that has special needs, it is more of a concern, you always wonder if they will find those special friendships and soulmate and to find it at just months old and the connection is so strong, is it is really incredible," Lana said.

"I tell you what, I don't know what I would do without her," Amy Sanders, Cutler's mom, said.

The good-byes between the two are hard, hilarious and a little lovey.

"Bye Cutler, I love you. Oh, kiss," Lana said. "Can you say love you. Whoa, that one kind of lingered you guys, I don't know."

These two cherubs, who just did a mic drop on Christmas, teaching us the meaning of the holiday.

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