Neighbors: Can you help a reader identify the Vikings fans in this photo?

Ruth Kautzman, of Fargo, is trying to figure out who these Vikings fans were in this photo she snapped while Bud Grant was visiting town. Special to The Forum
Ruth Kautzman, of Fargo, is trying to figure out who these Vikings fans were in this photo she snapped while Bud Grant was visiting town. Special to The ForumSpecial to The Forum

“Are you one of the lucky fans who came to the Minnesota Vikings football caravan tour in Fargo?”

That question comes from Ruth Kautzman, Fargo, who was there.

She says the caravan came to Fargo around 10 to 15 years ago; she can’t remember the exact year.

At any rate, Ruth says she noticed some young Vikings fans standing in line to get the autograph of then-Vikings coach Bud Grant.

“Seeing they were not accompanied with camera-toting parents, I snapped a picture,” she writes.

But the boys quickly disappeared so she couldn’t talk to them to get their names and offer to send the picture to them. So now, years later, she sends in their picture hoping the boys or their families will see it.

But going back to the caravan, Ruth says she had a special request of her own for Bud.

“My request was for my son Grant in Colorado Springs, Colo. His birthday was coming soon. So I asked Bud Grant to write out ‘Happy birthday, Grant,’ and sign his name.

“After a moment of hesitation, he complied.”

And so, after she mailed it to her son, her Grant received birthday wishes from a famous Grant.

By the way, Ruth writes, “My mom always said, ‘You’ve got more gumption than most folks.’

“Hey,” Ruth says, “it paid off once again!”

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Big reunion

Before 2018 slips away, Neighbors wants to make note of an important event that occurred this year.

It was the 70th reunion of the class of 1948 of Moorhead High School.

That’s right: the 70th.

Ida Busby, Lake Park, Minn., a member of the class, writes Neighbors that about 25 of those classmates turned out for the reunion, which was held Aug. 29 at the Moorhead Fryn’ Pan restaurant. It was only the latest of many reunions for this class.

“Over the years,” Ida says, “we have had reunions in Moorhead, Fargo, on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, in southern California, on a paddle boat on the Mississippi and at people’s lake cabins.”

Lois Bekkerus, Glyndon, Minn., was the main organizer of this year’s reunion.

Sadly, of course, the class has lost members over the years, some recently. One of them was Jim Stenerson, who died earlier this year. Jim, Ida writes, was “very instrumental in planning all reunions, as were many others.”

Ida also notes “the Aug. 9 Forum carried the obituary for one of our classmates, Kenneth Meath. It stated that Ken’s identical twin, Al Meath, had passed away one week earlier.”

But this Moorhead class of ’48 hangs in there, and then some. Every fifth Wednesday, its members have gathered at the Moorhead Fryn’ Pan for the last 15 to 20 years.

A note sent to its members a few years ago says, “This is a remarkable class that has become more like family than classmates.”

And hopefully, this “family” will have more reunions in the future.

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