“You ask for articles of interest you could put in your column,” a woman writes.

“Well, the other other night some friends and I talked about the Fargo Cafe.”

The woman, of Fargo, who sent this in, doesn’t want her name published. But she thought folks might like to reminisce about this old cafe.

“We knew it was on Broadway, and had Chinese owners, I’m sure,” she says.

“It had reasonable prices.

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“When we came to Fargo from our farm, we children wanted to have a hot beef sandwich at the Fargo Cafe. Today’s children want to go to McDonald’s!”

The writer concludes her letter by saying, “I think a lot of folks living in Fargo today remember the Fargo Cafe. They might be very elderly like me. Ha!”

Elderly or not, do you remember the Fargo Cafe, neighbors?

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Johnson’s Barn

Some weeks ago, Neighbors carried reminiscences of Johnson’s Barn near Arthur, N.D., sent in by Harriet Holler, Fargo.

Now Harriet’s daughter, Connie Brewer, Fargo, follows that up with more history of that old dance pavilion.

Connie writes that the barn originally was an airplane hanger on a farm on which the owner did crop-dusting.

She says Herb Johnson moved it to his farm and turned it into the original Herb’s Barn, with the snack bar, stage and dance floor.

Thanks for the information, Connie.

Phoning collect

And finally, after reading a column that mentioned the large number of collect calls made on Father’s Day, Bill Pro, Bismarck, writes, “Who the heck is still making collect calls?”

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