Couple weds on Big Detroit Lake in sub-zero temperatures

The couple preparing to take some wedding photos.
The couple preparing to take some wedding photos.

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — A Lakes Country couple was just crazy enough to have their wedding outside in sub-zero temperatures last weekend, holding their ceremony in a tent out on frozen-over Big Detroit Lake.

It was all rosy cheeks and dripping noses inside the tent, with just two heaters to keep guests warm. After being together for almost five years, Madi Grady and Matthew Sanchez decided to have their dream outdoor wedding — in the middle of January.

"My forearms would get, like, numb and it kinda hurts," Madi Sanchez said.

The cold didn't stop her from marrying the love of her life, Madi Sanchez told WDAY News. "We're going for memorable, so I think we're getting that."

She said they wanted a winter wedding because they didn't want to cut into time at the lake cabin this summer.

Matthew Sanchez is from California, and when he was told they were having an outdoor winter wedding, he was surprised, but not totally against the idea.

"I've never been to one, so I think it'd be pretty cool," Matthew said. The couple knew it would be chilly, but they didn't know just how cold it was going to get.

The temperature peaked at just 1 degree Fahrenheit in Detroit Lakes on their wedding day. Even with the bone-chilling weather, they still stood up at the altar and said "I do."

Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez will be spending their honeymoon in Maui.