ARGUSVILLE, N.D. — About 16 miles north of Fargo in Argusville, three brothers combined their efforts to create a snow fort complete with seating arrangements and an entertainment center. The kitchen addition is coming soon.

Their mom, Cheila Payne, said she's pretty entertained by what they've done with the 10-foot snowdrift in her backyard.

After carving out the living room area, a process which took several hours over the course of two days, they added a string of lights to guide them through the cave, along with a television set and video game console.

"It's actually pretty warm in there once they get all the body heat in," Payne said. "I think it's just fun that they're working together."

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Her three sons are ages 14, 18 and 22, but she remembers nine years ago when they would carve simple tunnels in the snow. Now they have bigger aspirations.

"They were kinda building another room to prop as a kitchen," she said. "They made cup holders, and a footrest thing in the middle."

Check back for developments on the snow fort.