“Perhaps the most glorious time of the year for us is spring, when Mother Nature awakens the prairie and life begins anew.”

So writes Larry Munson, who knows about the prairie; he lives in New Rockford, N.D.

With spring, which officially arrived last week, “The sun is just a little warmer and takes a little longer to set,” Larry writes. “Animals are nurturing their newborn, and birds are busily building nests to welcome their offspring.

“The fields are being prepared for another year of bountiful crops.

“We all seem to be filled with renewed optimism, and making plans for the coming summer season.”

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Larry also composed and sent in a poem about spring with a suggestion: “As you read these verses, try to visualize each one. Perhaps they will instill a feel of optimism in you!”

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"Springtime on the Prairie"

The prairie comes to life, after winter’s cold still days.

Mother Nature gives us the very best of her displays.

It is time to get up early and enjoy this change of pace.

It is springtime on the prairie, there are changes taking place!

The early sun glistens brightly on the dew.

The mourning doves are back, we can hear their gentle coo.

We feel the prairie breeze gently melt the snow away.

It is springtime on the prairie, it is time for us to play!

The grass is turning greener since we saw it late last fall,

The flowers on the hillside add their color to it all.

The creeks are overflowing and water is everywhere.

It is springtime on the prairie, we can smell it in the air!

The animals are anxious to stretch their legs and run,

The newborn colts and calves are already having fun.

Look up in the sky! The geese are flying north!

It is springtime on the prairie, its beauty is bursting forth!

We hear the robins’ song as they hop around the ground;

Soon they will make a nest with those twigs that they have found.

Meadowlarks on fence posts entertain us with their song.

It is springtime on the prairie; it is here that we belong.

We are thankful for this peaceful prairie life of ours;

We know that it’s been given by the highest of all Powers.

We know we’re richly blessed to live upon this land.

It is springtime on the prairie, as only God could plan!

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